Colombia - Refugees

Refugees in Colombia enjoy all the rights provided to foreigners, as well as -special treatment established in the 1951 Geneva Convention, according to the Constitution and the laws. In addition, the refugees are compelled to respect and abide by the Constitution, the laws, regulations, and in general, the rules stipulated for foreigners and recognised refugees. 

Decree 2450/2002 establishes the procedure for the determination of refugee status, and dictates the rules to the advisory committee that analyses and grants status. 

The deputy minister of foreign affairs coordinates with the deputy minister of multilateral affairs, matters related to refugees and political refugees, and studies the application of international conventions. The latter is in charge of presiding over the advisory commission for the determination of refugee status, and the national committee of migration.

Decree 2450, in agreement with the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees executed in Geneva in 1951, and approved by Law 35/1951; and the Protocol on Refugee Status of January 31, 1967, approved by Law 65/1979; and as a signatory country of the Declaration of Cartagena concerning refugees signed on November 22, 1984, establishes that the term “refugee” will be applied to every person, who;

  1. Has been deemed a refugee by virtue of the agreements of May 12, 1926 and June 30, 1928, or the conventions of October 28, 1933 and February 10, 1938; the protocol of September 14, 1939; or the constitution of the International Organisation of Refugees;
  2. Who due to founded fears of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, belonging to a determined social group or political opinion, is found outside of the country of his/her nationality, and cannot or, caused by such fears, does not wish to accept the protection of that country; or that, lacking nationality and found, as a result of such events, outside of the country where he/she had usual residency, cannot or, as a result of such fears, does not want to return to it.